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Fast Trax Super SlideThe single most important aspect in our operation is SAFETY.

Talley Amusements has an excellent safety record. These records are attained through an aggressive preventive maintenance program for all equipment and extensive training of operating personnel. The maintenance program requires that all equipment be restored to manufacture's specifications before the beginning of each season. This includes the inspection of structural integrity through the use of x-ray and sonic testing equipment. These state of the art techniques assure that structural failure is virtually eliminated. Regular repair and rigid maintenance procedures are employed to maximize ride use and efficiency. This policy not only creates inventory of equipment that has a detailed inspection and replacement program which prevents mechanical failure, but also ensures operating dependability during the critical time of the season. A detailed inspection of all rides is conducted during the set-up and dismantling at each location. This inspection, plus a daily inspection requirement has created an outstanding SAFETY record for Talley Amusements.

Employees are required to attend group meetings several times during each fair to review and emphasize safety features and procedures, as well as detailed emergency and evacuation diagrams.

Electrical generators power all riding devices, games and food concessions. Electrical cable connections are made with CamLock connectors and industrial rubber cable covers are used throughout each site.


Bear AffairA CLEAN NEAT area is mandatory for all Talley Amusements employees. The appearance of the area creates a lasting impression in the eyes of the public. Not only does Talley Amusements maintain a permanent cleanup crew, it has a strict operating policy that requires all ride operators and concessionaires to keep their individual areas clean and neat at all times.

All employees are required to wear a clean Talley uniform during operating hours. Personnel are instructed and supervised to maintain the high standards set by Talley Amusements. Talley Amusements has a strict short hair policy and no earrings, (tongue or nose) are allowed during working hours.

All employees must consent to a drug test before hired and random testing is done throughout the year.

These guidelines ensure the standards which makes Talley Amusements successful.


  1. Be sure you understand the use and function of controls, signal systems and safety devices.
  2. Be familiar with the ride manufacturers manual.
  3. Inspect and test the entire ride before each operating period.
  4. Stop the ride when any unusual noise or condition develops.
  5. Do not operate the ride until your supervisor has inspected and repaired the ride.
  6. Remain in control of the ride at all times. Never allow unauthorized person to operate the ride
  7. Do not operate the ride at unsafe speeds or load it beyond its rated capacity.
  8. Be alert when the ride is operating for an emergency stop.
  9. Be aware of changing weather conditions. Do not operate the ride during high winds or electrical storms.
  10. Persons that appear to be ill or under the influence of alcohol or drugs should not be allowed on the ride.
  11. Be sure the riders fit the ride. Children should meet minimum size requirements. Adults must fit safety and comfortably into the seat
  12. Safety belts, lap chains or safety bars must be property secured before starting the ride.
  13. Patrons waiting for the next ride must be kept outside of fence away from the moving ride
  14. Ensure patrons remain seated until the ride comes to a complete stop.
  15. Know the location of the closest First Aid Station and fire extinguisher
  16. Any incident, no matter how small, must be reported to the office at once


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