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TEAMWORK: The secret to our success. When you contract with our carnival, you have the entire company,... our staff becomes your staff. When we market your fair, we tackle your goals with the same professional dedication that you would get from your own staff. Our marketing department's experienced consultants and directors work closely with your own staff to insure consistency of message and product.

Custom designed promotions are essential. Every fair is different.., in style, a different approach to the marketplace, different demographics. That's why we believe that no two fairs should be alike. Starship 2000What works for one fair might not necessarily work for the other. And that is why we work so closely with each fair. Who knows your fair better than the people who live and work there. We will custom design creative and distinctive programs that maximize return.

Your goals are our goals. Most marketing failures can be attributed to lack of planning. That's why we spend the time, in advance, to precisely define your needs---to plan a campaign that not only works, but gives you result. Marketing plans, reporting, scripting and mechanics are all planned way in advance. We assess your goals, then set out to meet them. No promotions will ever be advertised until approved by your staff.

We will custom design a promotional package for your fair. This will include radio, TV, print, flyers, personnel etc. This will be paid for in its entirety by us and will not in any way come from monies that are due to the committee. Our marketing department will work hand in hand with your staff in order to help make your fair or celebration the biggest and best ever.
Successful promotions:

star.gif (472 bytes)Buddy day
star.gif (472 bytes)Midnight Madness
star.gif (472 bytes)Carload day
star.gif (472 bytes)Passport to Fun
star.gif (472 bytes)Ladies night
star.gif (472 bytes)Coke/Pepsi days
star.gif (472 bytes)Sneak-a-Peek
...just to name a few.

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